In my works I had approached photography (and images photographed) by mixing it with other materials in order to create new visual objects and narratives. In particular, I’ve focused on found photography and how these images can be used to tell stories about the human condition.

My main interest has been on searching different ways to re-contextualize images that others had forgotten and make them special again. My approach has not only focused on what is depicted in images, but also on the material conditions of the photographs as objects. In my work, these photographs are cut, glued, incrusted, pinched, scanned, printed, stamped and assorted with paint, fabrics, paper, wood or glass. In this way, I create objects that link images, materials and stories.

Currently, (and as a result of a further theoretical research developing last years) I have begun to investigate the imagery present in online amateur photography by exploring it through analogue tactics. I am using those collective visual expressions as raw found material in order to re-contextualize and/or alter them in a physical way. This exploration has the intension of thinking about the multiple tensions between the material objects related with the analogue photography (last century) and the digital images that define our recent relation with the photography (this century). My idea is reflect on the tensions between the past and the present, the unique and the massive.